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ALL WOMEN ARE GODDESSES!  That is the core belief of Get Your Goddess.  Our mission is to have ALL women embrace their Inner Goddess TODAY!  This highly interactive and energetic workshop is based on the Get Your Goddess principles of POWER, BEAUTY, MOVEMENT, MUSIC & ACHIEVEMENT!  Participants will learn how to use these principles to help them achieve their goals and move powerfully in the world.....GODDESS STYLE!  



Life Lessons From The World Of African Dance.


Elements of African Dance are woven into this fun and informative lecture.  Utilizing the Get Your Goddess Principles of POWER, BEAUTY, MOVEMENT, MUSIC & ACHIEVEMENT!  I share some of the many lessons that African Dance has taught me and how it has informed the Get Your Goddess mission.  Participants will dance to live drumming, learn some African Dance steps and explore the Get Your Goddess Principles via movement.  




There are so many demands on us Goddesses nowadays!  In this fun and interactive workshop, I share some of my favorite tips and strategies to GODDESS-EVERYTHING!  You'll be motivated to implement them right away!  Just because something has to be done, doesn't mean it can't be fun!  Use the Get Your Goddess principles of POWER, BEAUTY, MOVEMENT, MUSIC & ACHIEVEMENT to make your life more fabulous!


**  We will happily work with you to customize a program that meets the educational needs and interests of your organization.  

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